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    The Confusing Evolution Of Sean Bean's Hair

    The many mullets of the greatest bad guy ever.

    The ski sweater bedhead

    The Zachery Ty Bryan in Home Improvement

    The Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Home Improvement

    The elegant European villain mullet

    The swashbuckler mullet

    The three-strand forehead hang

    The guy who owns a lot of swords middle-part

    The Dolph Lundgren

    The pro baseball player mullet

    The hockey goalie mullet

    The MMA fan mullet

    The wedding mullet

    The wet middle part

    The teen bully hedgehog

    The soccer hooligan hedgehog

    The homeless vet

    The rat's nest

    The matching BFF bangs soaked with drunken flopsweat

    The half-pony with tendrils a.k.a. the junior prom

    The Badd Ass Billy Gunn

    The Heather Graham

    The hardened DILF

    CRAZY FACT: Sean Bean's real name is Shaun Bean.