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The Best Police Scanner Twitter You Aren't Following

Ninja swords, foxes in sewers, and teen monsters are some of the scourges of the Sheboygan, WI police. Enjoy it all from the safety of your Twitter account.

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Sheboygan, Wisconsin is a town of about 50,000 just north of Milwaukee, and though it may seem like a sleepy town, it's a hotbed of the weirdest crime in America. At least, the weirdest real crime you can follow on Twitter.

Listening in on police scanner radios is a pastime from a past time, a simpler time when ham radios were means of communicating with strangers instead of the internet. Luckily for us, there's a select handful of people out there who have taken this odd hobby and put it on Twitter. There's maybe about 12 of these police scanner Twitter accounts, and they vary in quality. For example, @NYRadio for New York City is full of attempted assaults, robberies, and other depressing crimes. I don't recommend following it unless you want to find an excuse for moving out of New York.

Head and shoulders above the rest is @sheboyganscan. The crime tends to be a lot of car accidents ("car v. deer"), also some of the most small-town, David-Lynchian crime out there.

Please enjoy these greatest moments:

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