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    The 27 Most Powerful Photos Of Guy Fieri Pointing At Things

    The man, the goatee, THE POINTER FINGER.

    1. At a paper bag:

    2. At you:

    3. At an old man:

    4. At the sky:

    5. A a guy in a fedora:

    6. At a woman:

    7. At John Popper from Blues Traveler

    8. At a phone:

    9. At smoke:

    Time to thrill on da grill! #grillwithguy

    10. At a woman who is eating:

    Hangin with the @WakeUp_taylor krew! @siriusXM

    11. At a microphone

    12. At a man who is ignoring him

    13. At a guy holding a boom mike:

    Thanks to the killer team at @ggsupermarket for lettin us take over the store for #grocerygames promos!

    14. Over the shoulder pinky point at a building:

    15. At pasta sauce jars:

    My pasta sauces have hit the shelves @safeway...check it out!

    16. At a balloon version of himself:

    u gotta dig this balloon art that a fan made for me at my signing @bookrevue last week...classic!

    17. At a member of the Armed Forces:

    My bro CDR Michael "Dano" Bratley,pilot that flew me onto the USS Enterprise in Persian Gulf in 07.

    18. At a guy giving the thumbs up in return:

    At @Al'sbeef in chi town for some Italian beef sandwiches Da bomb!

    19. At a tray of burgers:

    20. At a guy who looks a little like Dog the Bounty Hunter:

    My Hawaii triple D stunt double, Kenny D. at a sweet spot on the east side of the island. Sweet Home Waimanalo.

    21. At a man who seems paralyzed in awe of Guy and incapable of contorting his fingers to point back:

    22. At Rachael Ray:

    23. At a tiny egg on top of a football:

    24. At a guy in a Cosby sweater:

    25. At a guy in loafers:

    26. At you:

    27. At a bird he sees that's distracting him:

    BONUS!!!!!! #28

    #28 @buzzfeedfood @katienotopoulos @BuzzFeed