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    The 15 Creepiest Guinea Pigs On Etsy

    A post suggested by the new BuzzFeed Headline Generator. Okay, let's do this.

    1. 'Pig in a blanket

    2. Fluffy 'pig

    3. Stiff 'pig

    4. Soap 'pig

    5. Just plain creepy 'pig

    6. Dino 'pig

    7. Wooly 'pig

    8. Wispy 'pig

    9. Victoria 'pig

    10. Snuggly 'pigs

    11. Nibbly 'pig

    12. I'm the king of the world 'pig

    13. Pilgrim 'pig

    14. Puzzle 'pig

    15. Nerdy 'pig

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