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    Scott Disick Goofed Up His Sponsored Instagram Post


    A young lady on Twitter named Frankie noticed that Scott Disick posted something kinda weird on Instagram. Look at the beginning of his caption....

    It SEEMS like what happened here is that he accidentally copy-pasted some instructions about when to post and what to say from someone at the sponsor. Or was it from Kris herself? Some other manager? What a mystery!

    It looks like he probably did one photo shoot for all his ad pics — this post in basically the same outfit is from a week ago.

    According to Jezebel, Scott makes $15,000–$20,000 for sponsored posts like this.

    Scott, like some of the other Kardashians, deletes sponsored Instagram posts after a while (some contracts have that as a clause, apparently).

    In this case, Scott deleted the tea ad almost immediately, probably because he noticed the mistake in copy-paste.

    Better luck next post, Scott!