16 Reasons Why Band Geeks Rule

Enough with the band camp jokes, already.

1. This image of a chipped reed fills you with a morbid sense of dread

2. You hate these:

Ugh, the worst

3. And love these (extra pencil holder, even!):

Ah yes, everthing fits on these and doesn’t tip over.

4. You’ve tested cork grease as chap stick

Don’t judge. It smelled so good.

5. You had stickers on your case

So many stickers. Stickers everywhere.

6. You’ve lent someone your valve oil

Or borrowed it. Who needs a whole thing anyway?

7. You’ve accidentally stepped in the puddle from brass’s spit valves


8. You know how annoying it is to have everything fall out of your case when you open it upside down

Why can’t they make the cases more obvious which side is up?

9. You convinced yourself you’re extra good at kissing because of your lip muscles from your embouchure

Oh yeah, pucker up.

10. You know what each of these are for:

Hint: not unclogging toilets. Although, I guess you could.

11. You’ve stared at the Wheel of Fifths but still don’t really get it

No one will ever understand this. Mozart probably didn’t.

12. You know that some instruments are harder to play in a skirt

Dangerous choice here, lady.

13. You know exactly what wet reed tastes like

Like wet wood. Or like woody tapwater. Either/or.

14. You would NEVER call this a tuba

It’s a sousaphone, duh.

15. You can walk like this

Heel-toe, heel-toe

16. You don’t understand why these chinstraps have to be like this


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