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23 Reasons "Space Jam" Is The Best Sports Movie Ever

In space, no one can hear you dunk.

1. Space Jam is the story of Michael Jordan playing b-ball against cartoons in space.

2. NBA stars Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Shawn Bradley, Muggsy Bogues, & Charles Barkley had their skills sucked out and trapped inside a magic basketball

3. Charles Barkley gives good advice

4. Patrick Ewing is a master of the pratfall

5. The Monstars steal the players' skils, which MAY have happened in real life at some point

6. Lola Bunny is a hot babe

Hubba hubba, amirite?

Good grief this is kind of wrong

7. Bill Murray shows up to perpetrate some nasty dunks

8. Bill Murray wears this hat while golfing with Larry Bird

9. Bill Murray describing Larry Bird

10. The soundtrack is the best sampling of mid-90s hip-hop

11. The Monstar's Anthem was one of the craziest collaborations of 90s hip-hop

12. The video for R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" is him in a cornfield with the movie playing behind him

View this video on YouTube

He also conducts an orchestra and chorus on a basketball court.

13. Charles Barkley gets stuffed by a 13 year old girl

14. Wanye Knight

15. More Wayne Knight

16. Elmer Fudd finally gets to be a hero

17. The "Space Jam Jordans" from the movie are some of the most sought-after Air Jordans ever

18. It makes for great graffitti

19. The Tune Squad (the Looney Tunes + Jordan) had awesome jerseys

20. Space Jam bedsheets, duh

21. The movie website is so perfect, they never changed it

22. Michael's extendo arm on the final game-winning basket

23. It's so good, Lebron says he wants to be in "Space Jam 2"