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11 Reasons Being A Lefty Is Better

August 13th is National Left-Handers' Day. Mostly, being a lefty stinks, but here's a few reasons for lefty pride.

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1. Lefties earn more (sorta)

According to a recent study, there's no income difference in the regular population, but lefties earn 10%-15% more than righties among college-educated people. Which is weird because those college desks are The Worst for lefties.

2. Lefties are better fencers

Dmitry Lovetsky / AP

American Olympic fencer Race Imboden (pictured right) is a lefty. A higher than average portion of Olympic fencers are lefties.


3. Lefties learn to drive more easily

Even though cars are made for righties, an AA Driving School poll found that 57% of lefties pass their driver's tests on the first try, compared with only 47% of righties.


Harry Truman

Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images / Getty Images

Throwing lefty, but he held a pen in his right hand (he was probably forced to learn that way in school).



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