Quiz: Are Your Internet Manners Up To Snuff?

Test your netiquette know-how! That’s internet+etiquette. Netiquette.

In this modern times, it’s hard to know what’s the proper etiquette for certain online situations. Don’t worry, BuzzFeed is here with a handy quiz that will hopefully not leave you reeling with regret and shame for all the times you did the wrong thing.

Good luck!

  1. 1. When reblogging someone on Tumblr:
    1. Delete the “reblog” text and add in your own comments
    2. Reblog with your comments BELOW the existing text/link
    3. Reblog with your comments ABOVE the existing text/link
  2. 2. How many selfies per month are acceptable on Instagram?
    1. 0-2
    2. 3-7
    3. As many as you dang feel like
  3. 3. Your ex announces his or her engagement on Facebook. You:
    1. “Like” the status, but don’t comment
    2. Comment “congrats!”
    3. Do not Like or comment and change your settings to hide all future activity from that person
  4. 4. When is it appropriate to flag an email as "Important" or "Urgent" when sending?
    1. Only to coworkers, but never to your boss
    2. To people you work with, if there’s an urgent matter
    3. To friends when you need to confirm dinner plans
  5. 5. When is it appropriate to "Poke" someone on Facebook?
    1. Flirting with your crush
    2. Ironically annoying your friends
    3. It is never acceptable to Poke
  6. 6. When is it NOT ok to tag someone in a Facebook post?
    1. When you want them to notice something funny you’re posting
    2. When you want them to see your band’s flyer you just posted
    3. When you are thanking them for coming to your birthday party
  7. 7. Is it ok to RT notifications from Favstar bots?
    1. Yes, if it was a really good tweet
    2. No, never
  8. 8. You accidentally hit "reply" instead of "reply all"...
    1. Email that person separately explaining your mistake, then resend email to the whole group
    2. Resend the message to the whole group without mentioning your mistake
    3. Resend the message to the whole group and add in a line about “oops I didn’t reply-all this first time”
    4. Any of the above
  9. 9. Is it acceptable to Gchat people you've never Gchatted before without warning them you're going to chat?
    1. No, never
    2. Sometimes, only if it’s a good friend
    3. Yes, if it’s someone who works at your company
  10. 10. How long should you wait to hear back on a non-urgent email (personal or work related) before emailing them again?
    1. 48 hours
    2. The next business day, morning
    3. The next business day, end of day
  11. 11. Can you show up to a place where you saw your friend check in on Foursquare?
    1. Definitely not. That’s insane.
    2. Yes, they are publicly announcing their location, thereby implying an open invite
    3. Yes, but only if it’s a good friend AND it’s at a bar (not a party) and you should text them first
  12. 12. You're having customer service issues with an airline. You:
    1. Tweet directy to the airline asking for help
    2. Tweet with a period before the airline’s username so that all your friends can see your complaint
    3. Subtweet the airline by complaining without using their username
  13. 13. How do you respond to an e-Card?
    1. Do nothing, a response is not needed
    2. Email the sender back to say thank you
    3. Call your mom
  14. 14. What do you do about that one friend who's always arguing about religion or politics on Facebook?
    1. Read his posts, but don’t ever engage
    2. Pwn the heck out of him with your awesome debating skills
    3. Unfollow his updates
  15. 15. Can you unfollow people you know in real life on Twitter?
    1. Yes, but only if the account has been inactive for 6 months
    2. No, it’s rude to unfollow real life people. Just suck it up
    3. Go ahead and unfollow. Life’s too short.
  16. 16. Do you need to reply to every Snapchat?
    1. Yes
    2. No

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