Poll: Are Your Bathroom Habits Weird?

Find out if what you’re doing in the poo chamber is normal or not.

  1. 1. Do you look at your poop before you flush?
    1. Of course — I want to observe my masterpiece
    2. Ew, no
  1. 2. Do you pee in the shower?
    1. Yes, frequently
    2. Only rarely
    3. No
  1. 3. On the toilet, which hand to you wipe with?
    1. My left
    2. My right
  1. 4. Women: do you change your tampon after going No. 2?
    1. Yes, always
    2. Only if it’s time to change it anyway
  1. 5. Do you take your pants all the way off to poop?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  1. 6. Men: what do you do with your pants when standing to pee?
    1. Pull them down part of the way
    2. Only undo the fly
  1. 7. Do you text on the toilet?
    1. Hell yeah!
    2. No, that would be rude
  1. 8. Do you talk on the phone on the toilet?
    1. Yes
    2. Yes, but I wait till I’m off the phone to flush so they don’t know
    3. No, that’d be rude
  1. 9. Do you take your shirt off to poop?
    1. Yes, at home
    2. Literally wut?
  1. 10. Do you sit or stand to wipe?
    1. Sit
    2. Stand
  1. 11. How do you handle the toilet paper?
    1. Fold it
    2. Wad it up in a big ball
  1. 12. Do you poop outside of your home?
    1. Of course — I can go anywhere when I’m sliding into second and I feel it start to beckon
    2. No, I have CPABH (can’t poop anywhere but home)
  1. 13. I wash my hands:
    1. Always
    2. Always in a public restroom, but I sometimes skip it at home if I only peed
    3. Meh, sometimes
  1. 14. When you're washing your hands:
    1. Wet them first, then squirt on soap
    2. Put the soap on while still dry
  1. 15. Men: when peeing at a urinal, do you use:
    1. One hand
    2. Both hands
  1. 16. After a No. 2 at home, do you:
    1. Light a match
    2. Light a candle
    3. Both
    4. Neither
  1. 17. Men: do you aim your urine stream to "write" things or aim at certain things?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  1. 18. At public toilets, do you:
    1. Sit right on the seat
    2. Hover
    3. Put toilet paper on the seat
  1. 19. Should the toilet paper roll:
    1. Have the paper come from the top.
    2. Have the paper come from the bottom.
  1. 20. If you're going #2 when your family/roommates are home, do you:
    1. Run the sink to cover the noise
    2. Run the shower to cover the noise
    3. Just go for it
  1. 21. Talking at the urinal is:
    1. Fine, if it’s a friend
    2. Never OK
  1. 22. When someone knocks on the bathroom door, you say:
    1. “Just a minute!”
    2. “Someone’s in here!”
  1. 23. Wet wipes:
    1. Yay
    2. Nay
  1. 24. Bidets?
    1. Definitely
    2. I don’t have one, but enjoy them if I’m somewhere that does
    3. Nope

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