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Police Shut Down Furry BBQ Due To Yiffing

A furry event in West Windsor, NJ was canceled due to "inappropriate behavior". Oh my.

According to Briget Clerkin of the NJ Times, a recent BBQ event called "Fur-BQ" was shut down by police after things got out of hand. The furries are officially disinvited from holding another event there, because a couple engaged in what was described by township attorney Mike Herbert as "inappropriate behavior".

As Furaffinity user ebonyleopard described it, "for the kids, it was like seeing a live reenactment of a Discovery Channel documentary, just with more colorful looking animals."

Basically: two furries were getting it on in public.

On messageboards, furries were dismayed and angry at the culprits for ruining it for everyone else. One of the organizers posted in a message thread:

Because what was done has shed such awful light on furry to the general public in the area that pretty much no one would even think of hosting us. This 'issue' was brought up in an open town forum and televised on public access tv. There is photographic evidence on file with the town, pd, and mayor.... Trust me this is worse than we are leading this to be.

You naughty furries!

Photo by Flickr user ^..^James. / Via

Thanks to @DicconHyatt for the tip.