23 Photos That Are Either Really Good Or Really Bad

    Each photo is either something wonderful or something terrible. Dare to click. Inspired by Reddit's r/FiftyFifty.

    Each photo is either of the possible options. Do you DARE to find out which it is? Test your iron will by clicking!

    1. Neil deGrasse Tyson lounging sensuously OR a fish with a hook in its mouth?

    2. A dog welcoming home a soldier OR the toy section at a thrift store?

    3. Ryan Gosling in a tux OR Shrek in a fedora?

    4. A baby hugging a dog OR a cake with afterbirth on it?

    5. A kitten wearing a tiny fedora OR satanic symbols written in period blood?

    6. A huge dog snuggling a kitten OR a man with micropenis condition?

    7. A Monet OR a tattoo of Justin Bieber?

    8. A cat staring in a mirror OR a dead skunk floating in a swimming pool?

    9. Babies kissing OR the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation nude?

    10. Van Halen performing in 1984 OR a bride getting arrested?

    11. A cat eating pasta OR a family of raccoons nesting in someone's car?

    12. A horde of raccoons OR Kim Kardashian with no makeup?

    13. Tila Tequila's new baby OR a dog staring longingly at Jeff Goldblum?

    14. A dog holding his own leash OR a Ronald Reagan lower back tattoo?

    15. A goat climbing a cliff OR A man smoking a cigar?

    16. A terrible party OR Joe Biden as a juggalo?

    17. A juggalo in a diaper OR a guy doing "Edward 40-hands" in a diaper?

    18. The '80s girl group Vanity 6 OR The Kardashian sisters as juggalos?

    19. A fan meeting Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger OR A guy wearing a brony shirt to a wedding?

    20. Kim Jun Un with makeup OR Richard Nixon with the Gucci Mane ice cream face tattoo?

    21. A pug sitting on a woman's face OR a chocolate chip cookie floating in a puddle?

    22. Chocolate chip cookies that spell a cuss word OR a man passed out in his underwear?

    23. Members of the Eastern Bergen County Board of Realtors OR members of the North Bergen County Business Council?