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Pitbull Pays For His Tormentor To Meet Him In An Alaskan Walmart

Internet prankster David Thorpe waged a successful campaign to make a remote Alaska location the winner of a Walmart sponsored contest to get a visit from rapper Pitbull. Pitbull got him back by bringing Thorpe to Kodiak, Alaska with him.

When David Thorpe, writer for Something Awful and the Boston Phoenix noticed a contest where the Walmart location with the most new "Likes" on Facebook would win a visit from Pitbull, he found a store location in Kodiak, Alaska and started spreading the word through the Twitter hashtag #ExilePitbull. Soon, Kodiak's Walmart had over 60,000 new "Likes", making it the clear winner of the contest.

Though Walmart and contest cosponsor Energy Sheets had been in touch with Thorpe over email and invited him to attend Pitbull's appearance, they didn't want to shell out to fly him to Kodiak. Instead, Pitbull himself personally paid for Thorpe to come to Alaska. Because Pitbull is a cool nice guy, and knows how to take a joke.

The big event went down this afternoon. First, Pitbull made an appearance at an outdoor venue, where he was serenaded by Kodiak performers and presented with a free pair of rubber boots and bear repellant. Then, he went to the local Walmart to meet and greet fans.

Thorpe told BuzzFeed, "Pitbull was very cool and unflappable. I didn’t get to speak to him too much, but his entourage spoke very highly of him."

Pitbull enjoys a performance by local Kodiak performers:

They finally meet!