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    Photos From The Hurricane Of 1938

    Because it was a snazzier time, people called this hurricane "The Long Island Express." This was one of the biggest hurricanes of the 20th century, and killed almost 800 people along the Atlantic Coast.

    Downtown Providence


    Fallen trees in Wolfsboro, NH

    Downed lines in RI

    A postcard depicting damage

    The Music Shell in Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT

    Hartford, CT, flooded

    A smashed car

    Getty Images

    Sandbags in Boston

    Globe File Photo / Via

    Girls on a felled tree in CT

    Whalom Park amusement park in MA

    Damage in Cornwall, CT

    Flooded streets in Suffolk County, Long Island


    Beach house in Westport, MA

    Another beach house in Westport, MA

    Old-timey newsreel

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