28 People Who Refused To Play By The Rules

Smash the system.

1. This guy who doesn’t give a fuck what time you’re supposed to eat that chocolate.

2. This punk pigeon.

3. This freeform Oreo eater.

4. This little badass who isn’t afraid to admit what he’s done.

6. This YouTube commenter who will quote whoever the fuck he wants.

7. This guy who just won the console wars.

I watched the new PlayStation 4 announcement from my Xbox360

— FirstWorldAnarchist (@AllAnarchy)

8. This madman who never listens to anyone.

9. This photographer who doesn’t care about the bullshit rules of society.

Got so many compliments on my @welovefine Marvel tights at @IndyPopCon - Woot!

— Kelly BeDell (@KaBeDell920)

10. This scofflaw who will go where she wants.


— Justin Craswell (@JustinCraswell)

11. This guy who is dismantling the system one touch at a time.

I don't conform to your rules. #firstworldanarchy

— Devin Rees™ (@dev_dog12)

12. This brave towel-puller.

13. This bird who will make his own choices.

Seagull spotted flagrantly disobeying a sign erected for his own safety! #firstworldanarchy

— The Peak (@PeakSFU)

14. This speeder.

Saw this sign and couldn't resist. "Pedestrian traffic - 5mph". #firstworldanarchy #wegotabadassonourhands

— Madison Chapel (@MadisonO_o)

15. This aircraft toucher.

16. The man who won’t let The Man tell him how to think.

17. This man whose quest for relaxation will not be stopped at any cost.

18. This beverage that crosses the rubicon into anarchy.

19. These potatoes who will do whatever the fuck they want, wherever they want.


First World Anarchy

— Distractify (@Distractify)

21. The person who gave two middle fingers to the world as he or she cut this cornbread.

22. The Canadian who doesn’t care aboot bending the rules.

23. This man who just wants to watch the world burn.

24. This unicyclist who is scooting by on a technicality.

25. This extremely fucked up rebel.

26. This hardened gangster.

the streets better watch out. living this hard life, breaking all the rules. fearless.

— artecuno (@JacobWatson63)

27. This fucking gull.

Fuck the rules.

— James Harker (@James_Harker)

28. Holy…………


In a previous version, item #21 identified the food substance as cake. Upon the advice of several readers, as well as our own further examination, we believe the food substance to be, in fact, cornbread.

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