Own Mark Wahlberg And Mila Kunis’s Stinky Old "Ted" Wardrobe

Mila Kunis foot fetishists rejoice: her used shoes from the Ted’s set can be yours for a surprisingly reasonable price. Wardrobe for the movie is now available on eBay.

1. Mila Kunis’s dress and shoes - $790.00

2. Shoes by Aldo (included with red dress)

3. Mila in dress

Wardrobe kept photos of the actos in the outfits to tag them and keep them organized.

4. Joel McHale’s suit, shirt, tie, belt - $157.50*

*Price is the current auction price, with about 23 hours left to go, so it may go up.

5. Joel in the suit

6. Mila’s towel - $700.00

7. Mila’s leather jacket and jewelry - $205.50

8. Detail show of earrings and necklace that come with leather jacket

9. Mila in the jacket and jewelry

10. Patrick Warburton’s shirt, pants, and tie

11. Mark Wahlberg’s pj’s - $80.00

12. Mark in his jammies

13. Mark’s jeans, flannel, and t-shirt - $76.00

14. Mark in wardrobe

15. Mila’s top - $51.00

16. Mark’s jacket (John Varvatos brand) - $37.00

17. Mila’s dress (Elizabeth and James brand) - $37.00

Not a bad deal on the dress, even if it wasn’t worn by a famous person.

18. Mark’s white blazer - $34.00

19. Mark’s Under Armor sweatsuit - $28.75

20. Mila’s sequin dress - $29.00

21. Mark’s shirt (Rag & Bone brand) - $25.50

22. Mark’s sweatshorts (ew?) - $24.99

Hat tip to @MichaelDempster.

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