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    Own Mark Wahlberg And Mila Kunis's Stinky Old "Ted" Wardrobe

    Mila Kunis foot fetishists rejoice: her used shoes from the Ted's set can be yours for a surprisingly reasonable price. Wardrobe for the movie is now available on eBay.

    Mila Kunis's dress and shoes - $790.00

    Shoes by Aldo (included with red dress)

    Mila in dress

    Joel McHale's suit, shirt, tie, belt - $157.50*

    Joel in the suit

    Mila's towel - $700.00

    Mila's leather jacket and jewelry - $205.50

    Detail show of earrings and necklace that come with leather jacket

    Mila in the jacket and jewelry

    Patrick Warburton's shirt, pants, and tie

    Mark Wahlberg's pj's - $80.00

    Mark in his jammies

    Mark's jeans, flannel, and t-shirt - $76.00

    Mark in wardrobe

    Mila's top - $51.00

    Mark's jacket (John Varvatos brand) - $37.00

    Mila's dress (Elizabeth and James brand) - $37.00

    Mark's white blazer - $34.00

    Mark's Under Armor sweatsuit - $28.75

    Mila's sequin dress - $29.00

    Mark's shirt (Rag & Bone brand) - $25.50

    Mark's sweatshorts (ew?) - $24.99

    Hat tip to @MichaelDempster.