Other Historical Figures Who Might Have Been Beliebers

Justin Bieber wrote in the guestbook at the Anne Frank House that he hoped she would have been a belieber. Who else might have been one?

1. Gandhi

Reason to beliebe: The Indian leader might have had an appreciation for Justin’s diaper pants.

2. Jim Morrison

Reason to beliebe: Was fairly awful and had bad taste. Also did a lot of drugs.

3. Henry Hudson

Reason to beliebe: Discovered Canada, much like Scooter Braun discovered Justin.

4. L. Ron Hubbard

Reason to beliebe: Struggled with h8rs, aka “suppressive persons”.

5. Ivan the Terrible

Reason to beliebe: Although he was admittedly terrible, he was a patron of the arts. He might have loved The Swaggy One’s music and dancing.

6. Selena

Reason to beliebe: Presumably, Selena would still be a big pop music fan if she was alive today.

7. John Candy

Reason to beliebe: Canadian.

8. Kim Jong-Il

Reason to beliebe: Was obsessed with American pop music.

9. The Unknown Solider

Reason to beliebe: We’ll never know for sure, right?

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