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    New Deep Water Shark Species Discovered

    A researched rode along a commercial fishing ship for 2 months and found 350 sharks that were dragged up as bycatch, including a few that are probably never before seen species. NOPE.

    Ok, so admittedly I hate sharks because I'm afraid of them, but sharks are indeed endangered, and commercial fishing is harmful to their populations. These were all caught as "bycatch", meaning that they accidentally got scooped up in the nets, and will be discarded.

    Graduate student Paul Clerkin spent 2 months with a commercial fishing crew in the Indian Ocean that fished at about 6,500 feet.

    A false catshark. The fishing vessel picked up 30 of these deepwater sharks, previously thought to be rare.

    Gulper shark.

    A ghost shark.

    Another ghost shark.

    These two are potentially a new species of catshark.

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