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33 Faces Anyone With An iPhone Will Recognize

Accidental. Front. Camera.

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1. When you open the camera to take a photo and it's on front camera.

When you open your phone and it's on front camera

3. When you go to the bathroom for a #2 and forget your phone.

When you're sitting on the toilet and realize you forgot your phone

4. The horror of a group text gone unchecked.

When you're in 4 group messages and don't check your phone for 5 hours....


6. When someone is supposed to look at just ONE photo and they start scrolling.

#CookOutNewsNetwork When you hand your auntie your phone to look at ONE pic and she starts scrolling…

8. When you hold an iPhone 4 after using the bigger 5 and 6.

When your friend lends you their iPhone 4


9. When you don't have the update that lets you mute group texts.

When you don't have the update and you're stuck in a group chat

11. When the new iOS update for your phone makes a big deal about new iBooks features.

When Apple makes an iPhone update with features that you're never ever going to use


13. What your phone feels like when you take the case off and it's all slim and nude.

14. When you've gone for a really long time never having cracked a phone and then YOU JUST CRACKED IT.

tfw you crack your iphone for the first time in 4 years


18. When you have to go to the Apple store to try to get your phone fixed.

20. When your phone is at 5% battery.

21. When you thought your phone was on silent and then some app is making noise.

23. .... and then you realize the flash was on.

25. When you can hear your phone buzzing somewhere in the room.

28. When you blow out your retinas by checking your phone in the dark.

When you check your phone in the night & the brightness is all the way up


33. When you're using your phone in bed and drop it on your face.

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