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    Posted on Jul 3, 2013

    Meet Yohio, The Most Kawaii Man In Sweden

    Swedish pop stars get to be anime princes.

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    Meet Yohio. He's not from a 90's Harajuku gothic loli club. He's a pop star from Sweden.

    Though Yohio is Swedish, he lives in Japan:

    Koji Sasahara / AP


    Yohio and his band competed in Sweden's Melodifestivalen, which is kind of like American Idol

    They had some sick pyrotechnics.

    The winner of Melodifestivalen goes on to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest

    The Eurovision Song Contest like a cross between American Idol and the World Cup, and it's totally insane.

    His backup band's Flock of Seagulls hair and '80s outfits were impeccable

    So perfect, yet it wasn't enough.

    But he lost to this guy:

    Kevin Tang / Via

    Ugh, Robin Stjernberg, you're like the milquetoast David Cook of Melodifestivalen.

    If you think his glam style courts androgyny, you're definitely right.

    Via Twitter: @YOHIO_Seremedy

    "A guy wearing a dress is not a sexual thing," Yohio said to Sweden's The Local. He was inspired by 80's Japanese Visual Kei glam costumes, and found An Cafe's androgyny liberating.

    This is him offstage, without make-up.

    Loud fashion sense aside, he's a serious guitar-nerd.

    View this video on YouTube

    As is the Visual Kei pop star tradition. Here is him shredding at age 15.

    His father is in the Swedish metal band Corroded:

    He taught Yohio how to play the guitar, and he's totally cool with what Yohio does.


    Also, Yohio's grandfather Jan-Eric Rehn was the guitarist in the popband Panthers. Tommy Rehn is also Yohio's manager. You can see him acting as his son's spokesperson on Japanese TV.

    His dad even showed up to Yohio's Melodofestivalen after-party in glam drag.

    His big hit is "Heartbreak Hotel":

    View this video on YouTube

    This is the jam he performed on Melodifestivalen.

    His hair is flawless:

    Koji Sasahara / AP


    He tweets in Japanese

    Okay, let's be real: he's a Final Fantasy character.

    Yohio casts Firaga. Yall are dead. Literally dead IRL.