This Woman Knitted A Life-Size Doll Of Her Son Because He Wouldn't Hug Her Anymore

    Puberty is rough on moms.

    Marieke Voorsluijs of Amsterdam felt sad that her son hit the age when he suddenly didn't wan't to hug her anymore. So Voorsluijs did what any mom would do — she spent months knitting a life-size replica of her son to cuddle with.

    The doll took about two months to make, she told BuzzFeed. Her son and his grandmother both helped.

    Voorsluijs is well known in the knitting world for her site Club Geluk , which comes up with creative unknittable" replicas of real world objects and whimsical designs.

    "It is more like a tribute to puberty and my sons, we do not have real issues with puberty, intimacy or contact. Quite the opposite actually!" she said.

    According to Voorsluijs, both her sons "love the project and helped with making the cap and of course posing."