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    Kylie Jenner's Snapchat Is Going To Kill Someone

    No one should do this. Seriously.

    Kylie Jenner often Snapchats while driving. This is really really really unsafe. Nobody should be doing this. Here's a few examples just in the last few months:

    1. Here you can see it's Kylie driving from her nails. The speedometer says it's going 15 mph.

    2. These videos and photos are from @kylizzlesnapchats, which downloads and reposts her snaps to Instagram.

    3. Here she's slowly pulling into the gate of (presumably) her home.

    4. Here you can hear her revving the engine while driving down a city street.

    5. Kylie vaping and snapping from the driver's seat (Snapchat selfie mode is mirrored, so the image is flipped).

    6. It's unclear if the car is moving or parked here, but her hand on the wheel suggests she's driving.

    7. Here, Kylie isn't holding the phone, but she's looking and talking into it while driving.

    8. Here, Kylie is Snapchatting while driving in the fast lane of the freeway.

    9. Kylie mugs for the camera in the driver's seat (the mirroring effect makes it looks like she's in the passenger seat).

    10. Again, Kylie is at the wheel, talking into the camera while her friend Jordyn Woods holds the phone.

    11. Here she's talking about restocking her lipkit with her phone behind the wheel.

    12. Pulling into her driveway again.

    13. And parking at her house (at least I THINK it's her house).

    14. Driving and Snapchatting at night.

    15. Here she's driving about 30 mph on a city street. If a pedestrian is hit at 20mph, there's only a 5% likelihood they'll be killed; if it's at 30 mph it jumps to around 40%.

    Using a phone while driving kills people. It is no joke.

    Over 400,000 people were injured in distracted driving accidents in 2013, and over 3,000 people were killed, according to government statistics. It's the cause of 18% of all car crash fatalities.

    Kylie Jenner and her friends have a serious problem with using their phones to Snapchat while driving. They're not just putting themselves at risk, they're putting other drivers on the road at risk.

    We love you Kylie, we want you to stick around for a while. This isn't safe. Stop it.

    And that goes for EVERYONE. Your Snapchats can wait. It's better to live.

    16. Here Kylie shows some sense – these fans are trying to take photos of her while driving and she says "this is insane" and tells them to stop what they're doing.


    In a few of these videos, it looked like Kylie's friend Jordyn Woods was the one driving while Snapchatting. Because Snapchat selfie-mode "mirrors" images (unlike regular selfie mode), Jordyn was actually in the passenger seat. The headlines on those ones have been corrected.

    Thanks to Matthew Panzarino and Chris LaRose for pointing out this mirroring effect!