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Kickstarter To Find Bigfoot

If the government knew it was only going to cost $5,000 to find Sasquatch, wouldn't they have done it years ago? I smell conspiracy.

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The video that explains the project:

I have grave concerns about the quality of the film she proposes to make about her journey based on the production values of this video clip.

This is it! Dream big or stay home...ok, I changed the saying a bit, but I have had this dream to conduct bigfoot research across the United States and I am ready to make this dream a reality!I have worked at Cleveland State University 12 years for the benefit of having my 3 love of my life daughters attend for free. I have lived my entire life for them and now that they are grown, I want to live my life for me!On July 1st I am going to load up my Jeep with camping gear and clothes, my laptop and cell phone and I am going to begin a cross country journey to research Bigfoot, but mostly to document me meeting all of the Bigfoot enthusiasts I have met through Facebook.I need about $5000.00 to begin the journey.An outline of my proposed journey is located on my webpage here. 6,900 miles total round trip.I will document every facet then I will edit all of the video and submit to film festivals nation wide.

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