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JetBlue Is Courting Bronies, Knows About Illicit Ponysex

Bronies love planes, planes love bronies. But does JetBlue know about r/ClopClop?

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JetBlue is a company that has planes that people pay to ride around on. Bronies are adult men who love the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Jet Blue would like some of those bronies to hop onto their airplanes and fly around while eating potato chips and watching Real Housewives marathons.

The JetBlue Twitter account has recently been dropping hints to bronies that they are down with the hoofcrew, and the bronies are loving it. Brony blog Equestria Daily has been excitedly keeping tabs on the budding bronifcation of JetBlue.

Bronies are locked in a Sisyphean battle to gain mainstream acceptance and quit being shoved into internet lockers. Getting a nod from a big corporations on their public Twitter account is a big deal for them.

The brony fandom has some great artists and they use their talents in many ways. One way is creating a wealth of pony art and even developing an interactive "pony creator" game where you can easily create a custom pony avatar. One brony, "hezaa" made a custom pony for JetBlue — a blue flying pony with bangs and a potato cutie mark (the image on her flank) in honor of the blue potato chips they serve.

Bronies also have an artist talent of the sensual variety. Forbidden. Erotic. Lusty ponies doing unspeakable pony acts. This style of art is known as "clop" — a term that describes the sound a horse would make when fapping. While many bronies reject clop, it's quite popular. Clop has been nixed from the main brony subreddit and annexed to its own — r/ClopClop.

[Warning: your eyes cannot unsee what lies within. Friends, I can show you the door to this world, but I cannot walk through it with you. This part of the journey you must choose on your own. Godspeed.]

BuzzFeed community moderator Ryan Broderick is a big clop enthusiast, so when I saw JetBlue's Manager of Corporate Communications semi-admitting to being a brony, we wondered if JetBlue was aware of the sexual side of things, so we asked.

The following is Ryan's storifed account of us sending the communications manager a link to r/ClopClop because we wanted to remember this moment forever. This is our clop:

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