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Ian Ziering Sells Wrinkle Cream And Grinds With Darth Vader

Steve Sanders is involved in a semi-shady sounding business with wrinkle creams, and he wants you to invest. That said, he does look fantastic.

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Back in 2010, Videogum noticed a news item from a local Morristown, NJ news site mentioning he was promoting an anti-aging skin care business at a local spa.

He's still at it, with an updated website obscurely named and Twitter where he promotes his company to his 4,000 followers.

Ian isn't a pitchman per se for the cream called Nu Skin, rather he seems to be involved in recruiting people to invest in the business. It all sounds suspiciously like a Ponzi scheme. He's not trying to sell you the cream - he's trying to sell you an "oppurtunity" to earn money by selling the cream.

Let's look inside his weird world of skin care sales. Who knows, perhaps you'll want to become his business partner:

The splash page of Ian's site:

Ian's pitch:

He's pitching to random fans on Twitter:

And fellow "90210" alum Jennie Garth:

Ian at home talking about wrinkle cream:

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Lastly, an inexplicable video of Ian dirty dancing with Darth Vader:

View this video on YouTube

Thanks to @ModernWood for the tip.

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