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    "Hunger Games" Nail Art

    This the most logical extension of fandom to me. And yes, that is Peeta's face pained on a nail.

    Twitter: @!/GoosesGlitter/status/182958492297084928/photo/1

    Nail art by district:

    District 1, produces jewelry and luxury goods. Marvel and Glimmer's district.

    District 2, mountainous and produces masonry and weapons. Cato and Clove's district.

    District 3, produces electronics and technology.

    District 4, specializing in fishing.

    District 5, specializing in power. Foxface's district.

    District 12 - specializing in mining. Katniss's district.

    Twitter: @!/Alliehoooad/status/183201589387997185

    "Girl on fire" nail art tutorial

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