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How To Vine A Celebrity Fashion Show

It's New York Fashion Week, and please, Instagram is SO last season.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Kendall Jenner (L) and Kris Jenner at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection fashion show in New York, February 6, 2013.

Vining the catwalk is easy. Here's the first 15 steps:

1. Go to a fashion show where celebrities act as models for charity

2. See that Kris, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner are modeling for this event. Get excited that Kim or one of the other Kardashian sisters might be here

3. Look around. No Kim or Khloe

4. Take out your full sized camera

5. Look around and notice no one else has a camera. Feel weird about having the camera.

6. See famous photographer Patrick McMullan in the first row

7. Watch as Patrick photographs a woman and tells her to put her hand on her hip

8. Remember for later that apparently putting your hand on your hip is a better camera pose

9. Listen to fashion bloggers behind you remark how this show looks like a bunch of "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

10. Try to figure out which notation app on your iPhone is best for quickly writing down what they're saying

11. Decide on Evernote, which you never use but you hear Brainpicker uses on the elliptical, so it must be good

12. Consider how weird it would be actually trying to type serious thoughts while on an elliptical

13. Type notes in Evernote. Wait like a bazillion seconds while it saves the notes.

14. When the fashion show starts, whip out your phone with the Vine app camera ready

15. Let your phone's camera take a few seconds to adjust for extreme backlighting so it can focus

16. Vine the heck outta Kelly Osbourne and some lady from TV

17. Kinda mess up for the Jenner women because you forget you have to hold your finger down on the phone while Vining instead of just tapping

18. Look at your Vine

19. It looks like the editing from a late '90s movie about doing crystal meth at raves

20. Vow to Vine better

21. Accidentally switch on the tag to send Vine to Facebook

22. Furiously try to stop the Facebook app form coming up

23. Get back to Vine

24. Vine on!

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