Examine This Giant Snake

At 17 ft, 17in, this Burmese python is the largest ever found in the U.S. The gross snake, which is an invasive non-native species, was found in the Everglades with 87 eggs in its belly.

1. Wheel in a pile of snake on a gurney

HANDOUT / Reuters

2. Plop that snake down on the table

HANDOUT / Reuters

3. Unfurl the snake

HANDOUT / Reuters

4. Holy moly look at this snake

HANDOUT / Reuters

5. Get ready to dissect

HANDOUT / Reuters

6. Start cutting it open (you’ll need a few friends)

HANDOUT / Reuters

7. Eeeeewwwww snake eggs!!!

HANDOUT / Reuters

Pythons have become a serious problem in the Everglades. A population grown from escaped pet snakes has grown there, and they are threaten the delicate ecosystem. This snake was euthanized and will be displayed at the Florida Natural History Museum.

Pet snake owners - don’t let your snakes escape!

Via news.nationalgeographic.com

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