How To Deal With Your Annoying Facebook Friends When Their Guy Loses

No matter who wins tonight, you’ve got some Facebook friend who drives you nuts with their political posts. Here’s how to deal with them now that they’re crestfallen.

Your Facebook feed has been kind of a shitshow lately, eh?

It doesn’t even matter if you’re voting for the same person, they’re just SO annoying about it

It’s been painful

So this whole time you’ve been vaguely annoyed, but keeping your cool:

But basically you’ve had enough:

It’s worst today, but it’s been going on for months. You can’t just never go on Facebook:

If you were smart, you probably muted some of these people to “Only Important” updates

Or removed them from your newsfeed altogether:

Here’s the bad news: Facebook doesn’t have an easy way to view all the people you’ve changed the settings on to view less updates. So if there’s someone who was intolerable during the election, you’ll just have to remember in your mind who it was so you can go back and reinstate them.

Of course, you probably won’t remember because you’ll never been seeing their updates again, which means you might miss out when they’re offering up a cute puppy for adoption or something.

Well, at least some of them are going to be sad tonight. Be kind to them.

Oh man, it’s gonna be kinda fun to watch: / Via

It might be very tempting to take this moment to rub it in their faces

But don’t gloat. It’s not becoming.

You have another 4 years to deal with this person. Be the bigger person. / Via

Try your hardest to keep a straight face

Just…. zip it.

And lastly…. it’s probably safe to remove the “Unpolitic Me” Chrome extension

It works on BuzzFeed, but it also works on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, blocking political messages with cute cat pictures. Now that the election’s over, you’ll probably want to take it off. Download here if you want it!

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