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How To Cook Like A Cowboy

The best part of the Lubbock, Texas Cowboy Symposium is the Chuck Wagon cook-off, where cooks use authentic antique wagons and tools to cook a cowboy feast. Here's how to do it just like they did in the Old West.

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Use this coffee grinder attached to your wagon to grind your beans.

The owner of this wagon told me the coffee grinder was really hard to find — he looked in antique stores and auctions for a long time before finding this authentically old one.


Recipe for Apple Pie Shots (you can tell I wrote it down after):

1 gal apple cider

1/2 gal apple juice

4-5 sticks cinnamon

3 cups sugar

Mix together and boil over an open flame, about 15 minutes.

When cool, add a fifth of Everclear. Chill overnight and serve. "Be safe and enjoy."


All photos by Katie Notopoulos for BuzzFeed.