How Well Do You Know The Teen Internet?

We all have a little teen inside of us, yearning to break free. How big is your teen?

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  1. 1. Do you use Snapchat?

  2. 2. You want to see what your ex is up to. Where do you look first?

  3. 3. Who might use one of these?

    A doctor.
    I have no idea what this thing is.
  4. 4. This young man is your Target cashier. Do you:

    Take his photo and make it a viral meme.
    Pay him and thank him politely.
  5. 5. Who is funnier?

    TV star Jerry Seinfeld
    TV star Jerry Seinfeld
    Vine star Nash Grier
    Vine star Nash Grier
  6. 6. Do you recognize what this app is?

    Yes, it's Yik Yak.
    OK, well, NOW I know it's Yik Yak, but I didn't before.
  7. 7. Do you know which of these people is no longer in One Direction?

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images
    Yes, of course, and my world is ruined.
    Definitely not.
  8. 8. What does the acronym OTP mean?

    Twitter: @measmarvelgifs
    One true pairing
    Only true people
    Only true princess
    Over the phone
  9. 9. What does the acronym "AF" mean?

    Twitter: @tnakk_14
    All fucked
    A few
    As fuck
    Any fucks
  10. 10. Which two members of One Direction are the most popular version of the fan theory that they're secretly in love with each other?

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
    Zayn and Louis
    Louis and Harry
    Harry and Liam
    Harry and Niall
  11. 11. Do you relate to this image?

    Twitter: @CVRLX5
    Yes, when I use up the data on my shared plan I feel like a weeping Justin Bieber.
    No, I don't use up my data.
  12. 12. Do you understand what any of this means?

    Twitter: @Mr_Yale
    Yes, it means that when you get to choose the music in the car, the passengers have fun.
    No idea.
  13. 13. This is Bethany Mota. She is:
    A popular comedy Vine star.
    A popular YouTube DIY and beauty vlogger
    A winner of The X-Factor
    One of Taylor Swift's friends
  14. 14. What "can't" you?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
  15. 15. Which of these CANNOT be "bae"?

  16. 16. What is the man with the pineapple suggesting, according to this?

    Twitter: @Meow
    He wants to do sex.
    He wants to eat the pineapple.
    He wants to give you the pineapple.
    He loves the ’napple.

How Well Do You Know The Teen Internet?

You're definitely an old person.

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You're an old person, but you have a teenage cousin.

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You're pretty much a teen.

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You're basically an internet embryo.

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