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How Much Of A Meme Lover Are You?

Let me count the ways.

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  1. How much do you love memes? Check all that apply.

    Memes? Sure, I like them.
    I laugh so hard when I see memes.
    I have a meme tattoo.
    I have several meme tattoos.
    I had a meme themed wedding.
    I own meme clothing or accessories.
    If I go a week without seeing a meme I feel weird.
    If I go a day without memes I start shaking.
    I need memes every hour or I reeee the f out.
    I would never date someone who doesn't like memes.
    I say memes when I have sex.
    I've masturbated to memes.
    I wouldn't come to Thanksgiving dinner last year because I was too busy laughing at memes in my room.
    I want to fuck a meme.
    I love sharing memes with my friends.
    My friends and I talk about memes IRL.
    When I laugh I just say "kek kek".
    I know the name of the green meme frog.
    I named my son Pepe.
    I've called someone Pepe during sex by accident.
    I've called someone Pepe during sex on purpose.
    I've made a meme.
    I've made many memes.
    I dropped out of school because I was spending too much time making memes.
    I lost my job because of memes.
    I've had serious personal and professional consequences due to memes.
    I'm a memeholic.
    I've referred to myself as a memelord.
    I've referred to my computer as the memecastle.
    I'm the Fat Jew.
    Memes have helped me learn about feelings deep inside me.
    Memes have helped me communicate my feelings to others.
    I REEEEEEE when I see a Minions meme.
    I've cursed out my mother for sharing Minions memes.
    I blocked my mother on Facebook because of her bad memes.
    I hate normies.
    I believe normies are ruining memes.
    I believe this quiz is a prime example of normies ruining memes.
    I work for BuzzFeed.
    I've gone to jail for memes.
    I've killed for memes.
    I've stolen for memes.
    I believe Pepe is the frog prince I shall kiss and fall in love with.

How Much Of A Meme Lover Are You?

Wow, you must have lots of fulfilling wonderful things going on in your life. Well, goooooood for you. Do you mind not bragging so much?

You don't even LIKE memes.
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You love memes, but are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to die for memes? Are you fully committed? Take a deep look inside yourself. What do you see? An edgelord or a normie?

You're a memelord in training.
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Congrats, your life is devoid of meaning and everyone around you is disgusted by you. You may die alone, but at least you'll be surrounded by memes, your one true love.

You're an memelord.
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Katie Notopoulos is a senior editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. Notopoulos writes about tech and internet culture is cohost of the Internet Explorer podcast.

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