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    Here Is The Winner Of The Miss Redneck Alabama Pageant

    Obviously, there was a "Daisy Dukes" competition, because America.

    7 contestants vied for the title at a Woodstock, AL festival.

    They were judged in 3 categories.

    1. A redneck themed interview question ("What three redneck items would you bring to a desert island?")

    2. Redneck talent

    3. And finally, they were judged on Daisy Dukes (poise and personality)

    Katrina Hogg (left) and Rachel Musso were the two finalists:

    Rachel Musso placed as 2nd runner-up. Her redneck talent was making a baloney sandwich while singing "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson.

    I think this isn't technically a redneck hairdo, which may have cost her some points.

    Katrina Hogg of West Blocton, AL was named the Miss Redneck Alabama

    She won $100 and several gift certificates.

    Congrats, Katrina!!!

    Here she is.... Miss Redneck Alabama....

    All photos by Marc Almond for

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