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    Posted on May 7, 2013

    Here Is The Nerdiest Intersection In New York City

    Living here guarantees you an A in high school physics class.

    The intersection of Ampere and Ohm Aves in the Bronx:

    ScoutingNY noticed a small neighborhood in the Bronx with some extremely nerdy names: Library Ave, Research Ave, Watt Ave, and Radio Drive.

    The best of all intersections is where Ampere Ave (ampere is the full version of "amp", the electric current unit) and Ohm Ave (ohm is another unit of measure of electricity).

    Turns out the parcel of land was donated by Isaac Leopald Rice, inventor, chess patron, and of president of the Electric Storage Battery Co. after his death in 1915. The street names are a tribute to him.

    Check out the street names:

    Here's the location in the Bronx:

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