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Here Is The Butt Of Sloth From "The Goonies"

John Matuszak, a former NFL defensive lineman, did a racy Playgirl spread in 1982. Turns out Sloth was really a hot bear. [NSFW for male butts]

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Before acting as the lovable monster Sloth in The Goonies, John Matuszak was a NFL defensive lineman for the Raiders. He was a notorious party animal, and was named by Sports Illustrated as one of the "Top 5 Bad Boys of the NFL". In 1982, he shot this extremely sensual spread for Playgirl that will make you very very confused about Sloth.

He wrote an autobiography called Cruisin' With The Tooz about his exploits and supposedly his mornings with the "breakfast of champions": vodka and valium. Sadly, the Tooz died in 1989 from an overdose of painkillers with a trace amount of cocaine in his system.