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    Here Is A GIF Of Paul Rudd Shirtless With A Soulpatch, Axe And Jorts

    From the webseries Hudson Valley Ballers.

    Here comes Paul as a weird upstate New York drifter

    Drop it, Paul

    "Hudson Valley Balllers" is a new webseries from veteran SNL writers and very funny persons Paula Pell and James Anderson. The two play longtime friends from the comedy scene who move upstate to open a bed and breakfast. It features Paul Rudd as a creepy/sexy drifter and Kate McKinnon, who is currently the best thing on SNL, as the B&B's handywoman.

    It is good and obviously you should watch it now. The first two episode are available now, and the rest will debut throughout the week on it's YouTube channel and

    View this video on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

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