This Donkey Lives Indoors And Is A Perfect Gentleman

    Like me, but more housebroken.

    This is a donkey named Joplin. He lives indoors with Dawn and Chris Wegener in Missouri.

    Joplin was sick as a baby, so they raised him indoors, and he just started thinking he belonged inside. Which makes sense because look at how helpful he is in the kitchen:

    He can even open doors with his mouth. Because he belongs in a house just like you and me. Do not donkeyshame him. He is a perfect lil gent.

    He even likes hanging out with the family pet, because he isn't a pet, he's a family member and if you think a wee donk can't be a person you're fascist scum.

    Here Joplin is asking Dawn to help him write his autobiography, My Life As A Donkey Who Lives Indoors.

    Thank you Joplin, you are an inspiration to us all. Dr. Phil, you can go suck an egg.

    More on Joplin the Indoor Donkey from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: