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    Posted on Mar 5, 2014

    Going To Weddings In Your Twenties Vs. Your Thirties

    This isn't your first time at the ol' wedding rodeo.

    Twenties: Destination wedding in Fiji? It'll blow my savings, but I'll be there.

    Wouldn't miss the big day for the world!

    Thirties: *looks at location* "Oh, nice." *immediately checks "Regretfully Decline"*

    NFL /


    Twenties: Crying when the bride walks down the aisle.

    MTV / Via

    Such a magical moment.

    Thirties: Sneaking out of the ceremony because your kid is crying hysterically.

    MTV / Via

    Of course NOW is the time he picks to have a tantrum.

    Twenties: Bachelorette party? EVENT OF THE YEAR!

    Entire weekend is devoted to partying and getting fucked-up!

    Thirties: Dinner and a feeble attempt to hit up a bar. / Via

    Everything hurts.

    Twenties: "I can totally wear this dress again to a fancy event."

    It's totally not a bridesmaid-y dress, you know? It just looks like a really cool formal dress.

    Thirties: Accepting that you never go to the kind of "fancy event" that would require a floor-length pink ball gown.

    NBC Universal / Via


    Twenties: After the wedding, head to the after-party.

    Hell yeah! Close down the bar!

    Thrities: Leave as soon as the cake is cut.

    Toni Frissell / Library of Congress

    The sitter has to get home by 11 p.m.!

    Twenties: Going buck on the dance floor when the hit of the summer comes on.

    This is my jam!

    Thirties: Getting buck on the dance floor when the hits from 10 years ago come on.

    Reminder that "Hey Ya!" is 11 years old now.

    Twenties: DIY the perfect personal gift for your friends.

    The perfect, meaningful gift that is SO about them as a couple.

    Thirties: Get some random thing in your price range on the registry.

    Enjoy your rice cooker or towels or whatever that was.

    Twenties: Getting to meet your college friend's high school friends you've heard so much about.

    NBC Universal / Via

    It's so amazing to finally meet all the people in your bestie's life!

    Thirties: Meeting your college friend's new work friends.

    Who ARE you monsters?

    Twenties: Flirting with hot friends of the groom.

    ABC / Via

    Oh hello, fellow single people dressed up real nice.

    Thirties: Making awkward small talk with the creeps at the singles table.


    Twenties: Bravely putting your phone away to really enjoy the moment.

    NBS Universal / Via

    Let's experience this amazing day IRL, you know?

    Thirties: Frantically texting the babysitter.


    Timmy swallowed WHAT?

    Twenties: Gotta go out and buy a new outfit!

    New shoes and a clutch too!

    Thirties: Figuring out which dress you already own that you haven't worn to a wedding for that group of friends already.

    OK, I wore that to Jen's wedding but there won't be anyone from that same wedding at Lisa's...

    Twenties: OPEN BAR!!!!

    MTV / Via


    Thirties: OPEN DESSERT BAR!!!


    Twenties: OMG mason jars? Too cute!

    Gotta remember to do this for MY wedding!


    It's like a explosion at the Triangle Pintrest Factory and we're trapped inside.

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