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Glenn Beck Is Selling A Jar Of His Pee With A Toy Obama Inside

Acclaimed artist Glenn Beck debuted a new work today in a video. It's an Obama figurine inside a jar of his own pee.

The artist at work:

In a video discussing a protest of a recent art exhibit featuring a painting of Obama as Jesus on the cross, Glenn Beck went the extra mile to really illustrate his point regarding the importance freedom of speech. In a beret and a French accent, he showed off a piece of controversial art he created himself: a mason jar of his own pee that he dropped a dashboard bobblehead figurine of Obama into.

Though he says the urine is real, it looks like it's pretty fake (or else Mr. Beck may be seriously ill).

He plans to sell his mixed-media sculpture for $25,000. If it sells, he says he'll make a second work featuring Michelle Obama.

Here is a jar of Glenn Beck's alleged peepee with an Obama plastic toy inside:

Video of Glenn showing off his pee jar:

Hat tip to @Bro_Pair