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Gerald Ford Had The Best Campaign Swag

Forget the iPhone cases and tote bags Obama and Romney are hawking, 1976 was the best year for campaign goodies. Ok, so Ford lost that year, but his supporters looked good.

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Logo belt buckles

So this seems like a bit of a swindle - some enterprising company sold a shadowbox display with two belt buckles with the names of each candidate. But it's clearly just a Ford Motors buckle. What gives?


Collection of "XX For Ford" pins

This names every possible ethnic group: American Indians for Ford, Estonians for Ford, Italian Americans for Ford, Japanese Americans, Lebanese, Slovaks, etc.... The interesting thing here is why some of these have "American" after and some don't? Why "Greek Americans" but then just "Polish"? There must've have been some decision making process on these, and I'd love to know what it was.

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