Gerald Ford Had The Best Campaign Swag

Forget the iPhone cases and tote bags Obama and Romney are hawking, 1976 was the best year for campaign goodies. Ok, so Ford lost that year, but his supporters looked good.

1. Frisbee

Apparently Frisbee is a brand name. And this is an Official Frisbee Brand frisbee. I wonder what you call a non-Frisbee frisbee, like how Q-Tips are “cotton swabs”.

2. Gold elephant

Fancy, eh?

3. Wristwatch with Ford’s face

It’s got Gerald’s face right in the middle! Who wouldn’t want this?

4. Logo belt buckles

So this seems like a bit of a swindle - some enterprising company sold a shadowbox display with two belt buckles with the names of each candidate. But it’s clearly just a Ford Motors buckle. What gives?

5. Naughty pin

Favorite 4-letter words, eh? This was 1976 so it was actually probably WEED, MAAN

6. Weird ’70s sunglasses

I’ve never seen sunglasses like this where the stems are actually chains. And with weighted photos of Ford to keep them in place.

7. Sweet trucker hat

Eat your heart out, Ashton.

8. Pin with groovy ’70s font

I had no idea people were so into calling him “Jerry”.

9. Red bowler hait

I’m a big hat person, I would totally wear a red bowler.

10. Republican elephant Christmas tree ornament

This kinda looks a little wonky, like it’s actually a shrinky-dink.

11. Elephant stuffed animal

What was with that kind of sewing eyes on stuffed animals in the ’70s? How frightening.

12. Collection of “XX For Ford” pins

This names every possible ethnic group: American Indians for Ford, Estonians for Ford, Italian Americans for Ford, Japanese Americans, Lebanese, Slovaks, etc…. The interesting thing here is why some of these have “American” after and some don’t? Why “Greek Americans” but then just “Polish”? There must’ve have been some decision making process on these, and I’d love to know what it was.

13. Overly designed yard sign

Nice font here. Not too busy all all. And the weird swirly eagle isn’t visually confusing at all. JUST KIDDING.

14. Punny Pin

Remember kids, 2/3 of a pun is P-U.

15. Gerald Ford as Fonzie pin

This may be the greatest thing ever. “Heeeyyyyyy.”

16. The only better campaign merchandise ever might have been:

You tell ‘em, Nixon.

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