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Garfield's 1991 Smooth Jazz Album

A collection of top R&B singers - Natalie Cole, Patti LaBelle, The Temptations - released a collection of songs "inspiried by Garfield the cat. It's bad enough to make every day feel like Monday.

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"Fat Is Where It's At" by Carl Anderson

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A little New Jack Swing-influenced, this upbeat number is pretty sexy for a song about being proud of obesity. Garfield is a BBW.

Best lyrics: "Fat is where it's at/The bigger the better/and I'm a super heavyweight cat."

"Nine Lives" by The Pointer Sisters

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The Pointer Sisters don't mess around, so this song isn't particularly Garfield-related other than the general conceit of nine lives - "Wish I had nine lives/so I could spend them with you".

"Shake Your Paw" by The Temptations

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The legendary Motown group does a catchy number imploring listeners to dance.

The complete track listing:

Shockingly, this album reached #23 on the Contemporary Jazz Billboard chart.

H/t to Virgil Texas