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Tweets Worth $999 About The New iPhone X

Worth $999 of chuckles!

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Today, Apple announced new a new Apple Watch, some other junk, and a new, super expensive iPhone. Twitter had some thoughts.

Read all about the event HERE.

Apple stores are now called "Town Squares."

bye mom headed to the townsquare u know the hub of social life where they sell $90 phone cases and play jack johnson all fuckin day

Someone should try taking an iPhone out of the "town square" and see what happens

I don't call them bathrooms anymore, I call them fantasy football team front offices.


i just found out that apple has started calling their stores “town squares” so i’m only buying dell products from now on.

The Apple Watch is now "the #1 watch in the world" (whatever that means).

Apple would like to thank the Red Sox organization for that giant order that helped catapult Apple Watch to "No. 1 watch in the world."

The woman paddleboarding while wearing an Apple Watch:

A shark photographed at the Steve Jobs Theater off I-75. This is insane. #AppleEvent


The features of the new phone:

Sooo the iPhone 8 is made of glass but it's more durable...

"In 2017 we'll probably have flying cars!!" Reality: #AppleEvent

this face will forever haunt me in my nightmares


Problems with the Face ID:

How am I supposed to unlock my iPhone when robbing a bank now

My main concern with the new face ID on the iPhone X is how in the world is John Cena going to unlock his phone

me after i sliced my mans face off so i can unlock his iphone x


And of course...the $999 price of the iPhone X.

Everybody wanting to see the new Iphone 8 from Apple but once the price shows up on the screen #AppleEvent

my problem with iphones has always been that after i buy them i have money left over to feed myself. lets see what apple can do about this

me after seeing the retail price on the iPhone X 😂

Me when I found the price of the iPhone X #AppleEvent

iPhone 8 better let me edit some tweets for the price it's at smh

me after seeing the iPhone X price #AppleEvent

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