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For Those Of Us Who Are Sexually Attracted To The Elf Man From Christmas Cats TV is the perfect site, and the Elf Man is the perfect man.

So is a livestream of an old lady and an elf man playing in a room of cats for three days.

It's run by an animal shelter to get people to adopt the cats.

Here's a cat playing with wrapping paper:

It's just hours and hours of cats playing. It's completely insane.

Sure, I guess it's pretty cool watching cats play. But I need something more.

Oh, hello there, Elf Man...

The Elf Man is extremely cute. It's ok to feel attracted to him.

The way he makes a cat beard.


The way Sexy Elf Man dances with a cat.

#oomph the way he swings that tabby.

When he kisses the cat. DEAD.

The way his perfect corduroys look when he sways with his cat.

The way he trips over a cat.

The way Sexy Elf Man is concerned about his granny's drinking.

Hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go.

I love you, Sexy Elf Man.

Marry me.

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