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    Donkey Lips From "Salute Your Shorts" Is In A Rap Video

    Angel Haze's new video for "No Beuno" features a familiar face from everyone's favorite TV show about summer camp.

    Angel Haze's "No Beuno":

    Among the bunch of randos lip syncing along to Angel Haze, there's one professional actor ringer in the mix: Michael Bower from Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts. Good to see you, Donkey Lips. [NSFW language in video, duh]

    Watch for Donkey Lips in the grey sweatshirt:

    Michael Bower a.k.a. "Donkey Lips" now and then:

    And here is a pic he tweeted recently:

    ....and a pic he tweeted at an adult film star named Riley Haze: