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19 Cats Who Need To Check Their Privilege

Social justice isn't just for humans.

1. This cat who complains about wearing a leash, but doesn't realize many cats never even get to go outside:

2. This cat who doesn't see any issues with appropriating the turtle lifestyle:

3. This cat who doesn't realize not every schoolchild can afford school supplies for their cat to nap on:

4. This cat who doesn't realize there are kitties with no paws because he's ableist:

5. This kitten who tries to convince you it's ok to call dogs "mutts" because some of his best friends are dogs:

6. These kittens who don't know anything about ageism:

7. This cat who thinks that strays are just lazy:

8. This cat who isn't afraid of water:

9. This cat, who just reeks of heteronormativity:

10. This cat who can "pass":

11. This cat doesn't realize that paper towels are a privilege:

12. Along with this cat, who is just shameless about his PTP (paper towel privilege):

13. These cats who flaunt their relationship privilege in our faces:

14. These cats, who are shamelessly flaunting their box privilege all over town:

15. This cat, who acts all sheepish about drinking out of the toilet when there are cats in Africa without basic plumbing:

16. This cat, who doesn't realize that some cats have to drink water from a bowl that's not perfectly chilled:

17. This cat, who doesn't think there's anything wrong with arguing that women are inferior drivers:

18. This cat who is just blatantly flaunting his sunbeam privilege:

19. This cat. Just everything about him: