19 Brands You Didn't Know Were Owned By Giant Corporations

    I feel so lied to.

    1. Blue Moon beer

    2. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

    3. Kashi

    4. Stacys Pita Chips

    5. Naked Juice

    6. Odwalla

    7. Stonyfield Farms yogurt

    8. See's Candies

    9. Burt's Bees

    10. Altoids

    11. Goose Island beer

    12. Toblerone

    13. Tom's of Maine

    14. Pepperidge Farm

    15. Marmite

    16. Ben & Jerry's ice cream

    17. The Art of Shaving

    18. Bear Naked granola

    19. Orangina

    Wanna see more? Here's a handy (and depressing) map:

    Correction: A previous version of this article misstated that Toblerone was currently owned by Kraft Foods. Toblerone is owned by Mondelēz International, which was previously owned by Kraft and owns former Kraft brands. A previous version misstated complete spellings of several brand names. (3/29/13)