Awesome Ghostbusters Fan Art

Lots of a very sexy Janine, weirdly none of Rick Moranis.

2. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

3. Ray (Dan Aykroyd)

4. Peter Venkman

5. Bill Murray saying something cool on the walkie-talkie

6. Weird Ghostbusters crossover with other series

7. Looney Tunes Ghostbusteres

8. Slimer as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

12. Janine looking incredibly busty

15. Ummmmm….. Janine pregnant and naked?

16. Winston and Egon

17. Winston Zeddemore giving the thumbs up

18. Egon Spengler shooting some sort of tentacle monster

19. Overly handsome Bill Murray

20. Bill Murray covered in slime

21. Every outfit Dan Aykroyd wears in the first Ghostbusters movie

22. Anime-style Ghostbusters

23. My favorite: Janine and Slimer recreating the Janet Jackson album cover

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