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Anatomy Of An Otter Heist

Warning: do not trust these adorable otters. They are super sneaky master thieves.

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It seemed like a normal day at the zoo...

But meanwhile, a nefarious character is plotting...

He glances around....

Yes! The coast is clear.


He slinks across the grass...

A master of disguise, he blends in with his surroundings.

He reaches the rendez-vous point with his partner in crime

Those sneaky sneakersons peek around...


Here comes the zookeeper with the precious loot

Quick! Duck!

"Ok, the coast is clear!"

They make a break for it


"Aha! The loot is ours!"

"Ok, do you see anything inside?"

"No, do you?"

"Where are the jewels?! They're supposed to be here!"


"Dammit, we were fooled!"

Mission aborted!

"Ok, at least we still have this ball to play with."

.....that is, until next time.