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Alaska Mayor Is Romney's Potential Veep; Also Is A Cat

Due to a fluke write-in campaign, Stubbs the cat is the mayor of a small town in Alaska. Now, his supporters are trying to get the attention of Mitt Romney to tap Stubbs as his running mate.

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In 1997, the town of Talkeetna, AK (population: 600) voted a cat named Stubbs into office as their mayor through a write-in campaign. The citizens in Talkeetna have been satisfied with Stubbs's policy, so they've kept him in office for 15 years.

Now, some mysterious political forces are tossing Stubbs's name in the hat to be Mitt Romney's running mate, and the website is making its case for a feline veep.

The site suggests a few campaign slogans, such as "Romney Stubbs, double trubbs." It further explains why Romney should consider the top cat in politics as his running mate::

At just 6 years of age* he began running a town of 900 humans. Though his political leanings are often unclear, he had made it obvious he is red.

Now that he is a mature 90 years* old, he knows where he is needed most, by Mitt Romney's side. The republican party wasn't able to catapult one Alaskan mayor to the White House, but they are not going to lose their second chance.

*cat years

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