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Ahmed Angel Is Still The Most Beautiful Man Alive

He was, and is, and shall always be: planet.

Here is Ahmed Angel, the most beautiful man in the world:

It's been a little over a year since we first caught up with Ahmed Angel, the Iraq-born Belarusian model who took the internet by storm. His amazing collection of portraits captured the eye of the internet, and then his sweet nature and positivity won them over. One of the captions on his photos, "he is planet" has become a catchphrase for his fans, who post tributes on his Facebook page.

I caught up with him over Facebook chat to see how he's been handling his notoriety.

"Fame like salty water: drinking increases thirst," Ahmed wisely mused. "With the fame there are a lot of problems, but I know myself very well, and I trust God. I dealt with the fame wisely and intelligently."

He is still in school studying medicine, and he plans on continuing despite his large internet following. "I have a lot of imaginations and plans about my future, but that depends on my God and his judgement and his decision," says Ahmed. "I plan and I'm always thinking about science and scientific inventions. I aspire to get a Nobel Prize for Science. Young people of my age and everyone is trying to get the artistic awards and fame in an improper manner. I'm trying to be immortal in history with scientific discoveries useful to humanity."

Ahmed's fans have been making tribute collages of him.

He is not just planet, he is sun.

Such wise words.

A beach filled with bubbles of this angel? Truly heaven.


He truly has the eye of the tiger.


An angel among us.


Let him stare into your heart.

If you're feeling a strange fluttering in your stomach, you're not alone. That's love. Or lust. Could be either.


Thirst is right. Because I'm thirsty as hell right now.


<3 <3 <3 <3

Forever planet.